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From the GIS system of enterprise customer management, building drawing management, even the infrastructure management of water and sewage for government, it has been used many years in a number of systems. Our experienced staff has worked on many projects, providing solution to problems faced by customers, with total support from consultation to maintenance. In addition, "No need to be GIS master, advanced functionalities for business and analysis are flexible to try. Moreover, customization and enhancements along specialized usages are possible. No more costs wasted in developing features of GIS solution.


Reduce integration cost with billing system. Full support of workflow and simulation.


Integrate map solution to your application easily, even you are not a mapping expert.


GIS engine with unique mgmt & rendering tech, rich presentation, and high-speed.


Facility inspection & surveys such as disaster research, it supports field survey works.

From standalone operation to c/s, internet or intranet, you can choose various operational forms. It can be used for application corresponding to the business practice, or being integrated to company-wide CRM/ERP/ASP using map packaged bundled.

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Human Technology
Our aim is providing technology that is friendly to people and environment. Our business services are useful, fun, and easy-to-use. Our efforts are to be one of core company in software industry in this century.

Communication Technology
System integration including hardware and related systems is not efficient unless it has good communication network between software information. Therefore, we offer you software that is designed and developed as a complete system.

Visualization Technology
The importance of seeing words or sentences as the "Seeing is believing" does not change from the old days. We aim to visualize as many information and people surrounding you as possible, for your better decision making.

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CyberTech Japan, Inc.
Ken Ueda
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Sancoh Kogyo, Co. Ltd.


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